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Windin' Capital invests smartly

in a sustainable future

We invest in promising renewable energy assets, helping the economy to decarbonize

while generating stable returns for our investors.

Windin' Capital is an equity fund active in the renewable energy sector in OECD countries.

We invest in promising projects and companies in the renewable energy sector. Supporting sustainability is the only way to ensure the planet's future and humankind's continued prosperity. 


Windin' Capital seeks out and invests in diversified renewable technology, including wind, solar, and storage, minimizing risk and maximizing returns. 

Introducing our law firm

Windin' Capital is funded by leading pension funds, insurance companies, and HNW individuals.

Our management has over a decade of experience in renewable energy,

giving us the unique ability to identify the most promising projects

and companies in this space.


As a result, we're able to build a well-balanced portfolio of renewable assets across stable, attractive markets in OECD countries with large potential growth.

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